Tara Martin| Beach Glass Bikinis


The mastermind behind the machine.

Tara Lehua Martin, originally from kauai got fed up (like the most of us) about the swim/beach/activewear quality and prices. She decided to started up sewing, around early 2011, to make kinis to her fit that lasted. Posting her creations on Facebook, where she received much praise, positive feed back and friends from all around asking to make them bikinis. A few dozen sets later she thought to herself, I could really make a living off of this. AND that was that. Tara officially starts Beach Glass Bikinis in 2014 , out of her apartment in Tucson,  Arizona(where she was currently living with her other half, Beau.) Using her Background in 420 friendly promoting, her social media platforms and follower count to brand her name. Now with 17.7k followers on her personal (@babysphinx) and 7k on BGB (@beachglassbikinis). She is well on her way to not ever needing to spend one cent on advertising.

Check out her Kauai-made quality bikinis for yourself at her website!



Beach Glass Bikinis, the name came about quite


Q: Hobbies? A: The beach is a must, living


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